End of Doula

End of Life Doula in Palm Springs
End of Life Doula in Palm Springs
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Sacred Journey
Transforming End of Life Experiences
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Glendon Muir Geikie Sr. MSW
End of Life Doula                                                                      
Certified Grief Counseling Specialist
Pet loss Grief Counseling Professional and Certified Family Trauma Specialist
Member: International End of Life Doula Association
Glendon is a retired clinical social worker (Smith College School of Social Work) whose private practice included intensive work with children, families, couples and trauma victims. He is also a trained mediator and trained parent coordinator.
Since his retirement and re-location from Massachusetts to Palm Springs, he has volunteered with Family Hospice Care (being with dying patients and their families), the Riverside County Fire Department (responding to trauma events), and the Palm Springs Air Museum (docent).
His professional training, clinical experience, the many deaths he has experienced in his personal life, and his doula training with the International End of Life Doula Association have prepared him to provide the integrity and empathy necessary to bring dignity, meaning and spiritual comfort to the end of life experience.

Assessment: I will meet with you and/or any family members you invite to discuss how you want to approach and manage your end of life experience. This will include discussion of practical matters that need to be addressed by you and family members, but more importantly the more meaningful and spiritual experiences described below.

Legacy Planning: This is a discussion of how you want to be remembered and how the family wants to remember you. Is there something special you want to do that will remain behind after your death? Do family members want to do something that will keep you in their lives after you have died? Do you want to do something together?

Ending Days Plan: How do you want to spend your final time. Where do you want your bed, what do you want happening around you (music, TV, quiet), who do you want to be there with you. Do you want visitors. What do you want from visitors? We can develop a personal guided imagery experience for you and the family. I can help you learn to meditate.

Vigil: As you approach your final hours someone will be with you all the time. Who do you want there and how do you want them to be. Do you want other people to come during these final hours.

Pre/Post Death Ritual: Is there anything special you want to happen right after your death before your body is removed. Who do you want to perform this ritual? We can talk about options.

Bereavement Services: Following your death I will meet with family members to process the experience and explore their grief. This usually occurs over a two to three month period.

Sudden Death Experience: If there is a sudden unexpected death for medical reasons, an accident or suicide I will work with the family to find the meaning of the lost person’s life in their own lives, explain the nature of grieving, and process the intense emotions that a sudden loss generates.
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End of Life Doula in Palm Springs
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